How To Maintain Safety With Mudjacking Colorado Springs

Concrete paving always has underlying layers of support. These are usually compacted earth or gravel. An issue can arise where the concrete, which cannot change its shape over time, loses its supporting layers underneath. This can result in a dangerous hollow surface or, worse, damage to the paving or even a caved-in area. There are mudjacking companies in Colorado Springs CO who are able to mend this issue through mudjacking Colorado Springs.

The first question in addressing this issue is the detection of the problem. Because concrete is opaque, detection can sometimes require experience. Pedestrians passing over the paved surface are not always going to know what is going on underneath it. Where the concrete is very thick, it might not even sound hollow.

Yet the danger remains. A heavy object or vehicle, such as a truck or dumpster, can crack the surface or destroy it, causing it to cave in. This might be entirely unforeseen, for example in a parking lot that has been in use for several years. The pending disaster needs to be detected as quickly as possible.

Once the surface caves in, the problem is obvious. You then only need to inspect the area to see how extensive it is, and how large the cavity underneath has become. Companies who do mudjacking can do this for you, and also inspect the area for other risks or potential problems.

Once the assessment has been made, the actual repair of the paving can begin. This relies on the simple principle of inserting new material at high pressure into the cavity, in order to fill it and level the hole in the surface. The material used is usually grouting, hence the alternative name for the process – pressure grouting. In some instances, structural foam is used, which expands in the cavity to fill it. This is known as foam leveling.

Slabjacking is another term in the industry, and refers to the way that a sunken concrete slab is raised back into its original position. It is almost the same as mudjacking, in principle, except that the slab or piece of concrete is literally shifted physically back into its initial position or to its initial height.

One issue to keep in mind during mudjacking is that the concrete might start to break up into pieces. The mudjacking company should assess it first in order to determine whether this is a risk factor. Another issue is that there is no guarantee that the concrete, once jacked or repaired, is going to stay that way. If the original cause of the collapse or cavity still exists, there may well be a recurrence of the initial problem.

Needless to say, collapsed, broken or hollow concrete paving is hazardous and should be repaired. Concrete surfaces sometimes have to sustain heavy weights, such as vehicles or stored goods, or they are used by large numbers of pedestrians. Weakened, cracked or unsupported paving is especially dangerous where it is impossible to see what is under the surface of the concrete. Speak to a mudjacking firm today about your broken or suspect paving.

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