How To Carry Out Hot Tub Maintenance Lincoln City

A hot tub is one of the best ways to relax. However, owners face maintenance problems often. Hot tub maintenance Lincoln City OR does not require much skill. It requires knowledge of what to do and when to do it. There are various problems with hot tubs.

Contaminants in excess cause the filters to clog and the water to be smelly. Chlorine compounds in excess are an irritant to the skin and a cause of strong fumes in the water. Discoloration may result due to too much minerals and corrosion of the metallic parts. Maintaining the hot spa on a regular basis is a sure way to keep repair costs at bay.

Daily maintenance tasks ensure that the spa water is of good quality. This is done by checking the pH and the sanitizer levels. A color-coded strip is dipped in to check if everything is all right. When the levels are not appropriate they are checked by adding the proper additive. An incorrect pH and sanitizer level causes corrosion of metals, skin irritation, cloudy and smelly water.

On a weekly basis, sanitizers are added to the water. They include bromine and chlorine and a responsible of killing bacteria and preventing the growth of algae. Foam reducers are added to the spa to prevent foaming. De-scalar agents are used to reduce the content of minerals in areas of high calcium and mineral content in Lincoln OR. When you add these products always consider the amounts present already.

Clarifiers are used to ensure the water is clear and clean. Their mode of action is catching the small particles that a filter is not able to catch. The filters are to be removed a number of times in a year and cleaned. In addition, three times a year the spa should be drained.

Remember to perform frequent inspections in the inside to take care of small problems before they turn into bigger ones. The spa cover is a source of problems and should be checked for wear or build up of gases under. The cover also may fade and crack under sunlight damage and use of products containing silicone oil.

Remember to be in the lookout for leaks or wet regions under the tub. In addition if there is failure to heat, filter or pump it should be noted. The cover should be cleaned weekly with a solution of chlorine and filters replaced often. It is recommended to oxidize every month using non chlorine shock. This it to get remove odor, body sweat and cosmetics. This improves the comfort and hygiene for the users.

Cleaning solutions for the spa should be only those that are approved for use in hot tubs. Carrying out maintenance in Lincoln OR is a lengthy process. Contacting a professional spa technician would be a better idea than attempting to do it yourself. Under proper maintenance, it continues being a good way to relief stress and relax the whole family.

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