Guidelines To The Best Exterior Painting Contractor In Grass Valley CA

Not very many home improvement projects are as refreshing as new coat of paint on the exterior of your house. Painting can greatly transform the appearance of your home and also increase its market value should you decide to cash on it. With exterior paint project at hand, hiring a professional painter is your best course of action because the job may require scaling the roof and sides of your house. However, you should also appreciate that not all exterior home painters are created equal. This means you have a decision to make before settling on a particular painter. Below are tips to help you find the best exterior painting contractor in Grass Valley CA.

There are many ways you can start the search for painter. The most reliable one is to ask referrals from satisfied customers. Such customers will always be willing to recommend good painters and even more eager to warn you against disreputable contractors. Apart from personal referrals, you can also search over the internet. However, before committing into working with a painter you found online, you should always ask him for referrals to at least three of his most recent clients. Talking to his past and present customers will enable you know that he is a genuine painter and not a conman.

Painting is not a very risky business. However, accidents still occur in sites. For instance, a painter may slip from the rooftop and injure himself or his actions may lead to injury of others. In such a situation, you will be forced to take responsibility for the injuries unless your painter has appropriate insurance cover.

Another factor that you must consider is the experience. The quality of end product in painting project is usually directly related to the experience of the painter. As such, you should not shy away from asking your potential painter how experienced he is in the market. An ideal painter would be one with over ten years of practical experience.

Price is another important factor that should concern you. Do not settle on the first quote even if it seems to be the best. You will never know what other painters are charging until you get quotes from them as well. You must therefore wait to receive quotes from at least three contractors before making a choice. The quotes should also fall roughly within the same price range. If one estimate varies widely from others, you should ask for clarification.

At the very least, your prospective painter should also be licensed. This is not only a legal requirement but it is also in the best of your interest to hire a licensed contractor. Without license number, it will be almost impossible to trace the painter in case you need t trace him later on.

Once you identify a good painting contractor, your next step should to sign contract with him. Contracts usually safeguard homeowners by ensuring that they get what they pay for. Any contractor who is not ready to sign contract is a suspicious character and should be avoided by all means.

All this may seem too much work just to hire a painting contractor. However, you rather spend weeks choosing a good painter and end with quality work than take few minutes to choose your painter and regret later on. You also need to start the search in advance if you want the best.

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