Garden Design Fundamentals

This write up is for you if you are intrigued by garden design. Well, Wiltshire Turf’s ideal is to work with clients to find a variation of garden solutions and designs. This write-up is a rundown of the services we and affiliate organizations offer. We hope this will grant you some insights on how best to create the best of your garden. In reality, this is dependent on what your garden really means to you and your family.

When we first began our primary service was turfing. And, while we still rotovate, level and lay lawns throughout Swindon and Wiltshire today, landscape gardening companies offer many other complimentary services too. These may include services such as topsoil delivery, decking, fencing and tree-surgery. All pillars of enhancing your garden space.

While turf is actually very simple to lay down, many of our customers rather we carry out the manual labour alongside expert advice on how to sustain their lawns. So when you lay turf best have the foundation in place first. What we mean is that you’ll require up 2 to 6 inches of top soil for the roots to settle. After that, plenty of water will be needed to hydrate your lawn.

Decking is another pillar many people like to compliment their lawn with. In recent times decking has grown in popularity. Infact many house owners have grown to comprehend that decking gives a cost-effective solution to a couple of key issues; First, decking gives them the chance to offer social gatherings to family and friends. But more importantly, to those hoping to sell their home, decking enhances a properties sale-ability.

We do appreciate you investing your time in this write-up. Do remember service quality can vary depending on the company you opt for, so do your research and look for companies with a well established record. Naturally, if you have any other queries just send us a message and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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