Details On Wood Flooring San Antonio

The expectations of an individual are important when it comes to purchasing items like flooring. This is a statement which is especially true with hardwood floors. It is for a fact that hardwood flooring adds some dimension of beauty and warmth to any home. The majority of consumers do not know that this type of flooring has some unique features that make it not perfect for all people. When considering wood flooring San Antonio residents should consider certain facts.

Scratching will have to be experienced. Putting some finishes on these floorings will make them somehow resistant to any scratching. One of the materials used to do finishing is aluminum oxide. Use of wooden floorings comes with a 5 to 50 years warranty. With wear warranties however, the only guarantee is that the veneer of wood will not completely wear. There are no anti-scratch warranties for these materials. Irrespective of how good the finish is, scratching must be experienced.

The home needs some installation before installation happens. The use of such items as floor mats, furniture protectors and area rugs will be important to guard the floor from any scratches. Besides, there is the option of installing tiles at the places where people enter the house because these are places that experience heavy traffic. If the house has pets and children, the best option would be laminate flooring. They are resistant to scratch.

Indenting is a guarantee when it comes to use of wooden flooring. These products are not soft but still experience denting due to the use of heavy drops. No floorings are dent proof but there are varying degrees of hardness in various wood species. The Janka Test is used in measuring how hard woods are. The test is used to give wood species scores based on forces required for embedding steel into wooden floors.

Aging is another effect that must be experienced. Aging with the majority of coverings relates to how the floor loses luster over a period of time. This is caused by wear. It is actually always a fact that wooden floors get better with age. They already come with lots of natural character and also beauty.

When wooden floorings are maintained properly, their beautiful character is increased by normal traffic use. They are also able to be refinished so that they are restored back to the original shine. Such refinishing is not possible on such wood-look products as laminate, vinyl and porcelain. This is also one of the big benefits of flooring.

The photo sensitivity of these materials is an important consideration. Color of woods will change over time due to exposure to sunlight. As a matter of fact, there are versions that can take one year plus for them to mature to full color. So while sunlight makes other materials to look old over time, it favors wooden floors. This is a big advantage of these types of flooring.

Consumers should be cautious when moving the area rugs and furniture frequently. It will prevent them from becoming discolored. The majority of hardwoods will become darker and bolder over time. This is something that should be expected.

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