Carpet Cleaning Tips For People Who Have Allergies

Some people suffering from allergies may opt to remove all house carpeting but there are also others who prefer to retain this and enjoy the ambiance it gives. However, it is a fact that house carpeting can trap debris and toxins, and these can aggravate allergies, including asthma. If you are one who loves these area rugs and carpeting but also have allergies, there are ways to lessen the discomfort you will potentially get.

There are essential tasks to do to lessen the allergies, and these are dusting and vacuuming. People with allergies, COPD, or suffering from other respiratory ailments should avoid dust because this contains dust mites, and saliva of these is toxic to people with allergies. Prevent inhaling dust which can get into your lungs, and you can do this by wearing a dust mask, especially when you dust your house and you do this once a week. A feather duster used in dusting is not preferable because this will just scatter the dust, and using a damp rag for wiping is much better.

Include the wall edges when dusting or vacuuming your house, and also vacuum all floors, carpets and rugs once a week at least. Think of vacuuming twice a week, for other areas in your house where people traffic is high. Prevent the spread of dust, dirt, and also pollen and you can do this by asking people to remove their shoes if they want to enter. Dirt and debris trapped will be removed and not circulated around the house with the use of a high quality vacuum cleaner, especially one with a HEPA filter, and this is worth investing. Wearing a mask when vacuuming also can be worthwhile, even with this type of HEPA cleaner.

Your carpet should be cleaned professionally at least once each year and twice per year if you have any type of health problem. Carpets can trap dust, dust mites, fungi, mold and other toxins. Deep cleaning removes all of this, and your local Baton Rouge carpet cleaning service can deep clean your rugs, carpets and upholstery and perhaps even provide mattress cleaning services and air duct cleaning service.

You can better control your allergies and asthma if you follow the previously mentioned tips. Keep windows closed and run your air conditioning units especially on high pollen and windy days, and this can help prevent your problems. Preventing pollen and dust debris from settling on your carpet can be done because these are kept out.

If you keep your house dust free, it will be the better way to improve your health. It may be a bit heavier task, but the extra effort given will be worth it because you will get better and also breathe much more easily.

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