Bat Control Wellington FL Is Important

Bats, although so beneficial to the planet that they are protected by law, can be a real problem when they invade your home, garage, or barn. They keep flying insects under control, but a resident colony can damage buildings and smell awful. Fortunately, bat control Wellington FL is fairly simple, although not necessarily easy. If you’re not real do-it-yourself handy, you may want to call a professional pest service.

Florida, with an insect-friendly climate and many fruiting trees, is a good place for bats to live. At least thirteen and maybe as many as twenty species of the little mammals make their home in the state. Many live there year-round, while others migrate in. The insect-eaters may each consume up to three thousand insects in a night. The fruit-feeders are important pollinators and help spread seeds far and wide, keeping the supply of wild food available.

It’s important to recognize that these mammals are vital to the environment, even though they can a real problem if they invade your home. You will want to make them move – although many people choose to also provide alternative housing. They put up bat-houses as well as birdhouses, knowing that man has encroached on the natural habitat of these little beasts.

Be aware that bats do carry disease – as do birds, sometimes – and should not be handled carelessly. A bat found on the ground in daytime could well have rabies; call animal control rather than dealing with it yourself. Any bat may bite when cornered, so use a thick towel if you need to remove one from your house.

There are professionals who will help bat-proof your property. They should be skilled in getting rid of the pests without harming them; it’s actually illegal to kill bats in Florida. September to March is the only time you can legally attack a problem, since the animals are protected from harassment during the breeding and baby rearing months. A professional pest service can also effect the necessary clean-up and odor removal.

Of course, you can handle the problem yourself. Go online to learn how to partially seal off entry holes to make it possible for the animals to leave but not to get back in. It takes about a week to make sure all bats are out of the building. After that, holes may be sealed or screened to close them off permanently.

There are electronic devices on the market which use flashing light and ultrasonic sound to scare off the little beasts. These have a wide range, so if you want bats on your property but not in your buildings they may be too effective. They can’t be heard by humans, although some can be set to an audible alarm if desired, and usually operate both on batteries or AC current. Look for satisfaction guarantees.

Just remember that today bats have rights. You need to repel them in a humane and harmless way, since they are protected by law. However, you definitely don’t want to share your home with them.

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