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A lot of discussion in home improvement forums revolve around integrated kitchen appliances. Having a seamless design and well-integrated appliances are always at the top of the list when planning home improvement. The most important room that requires integrated appliances is the kitchen.

I don’t think that anyone would openly deny that they secretly want a kitchen with everything integrated. If your next home improvement project is to have an integrated kitchen then make sure have enough funds to do the entire kitchen with one go. Of course you can do it piecemeal but I find that constant construction every time you want to add something later on not only costs more money, it wastes a lot of time as well.

The idea behind built-in appliances is just as the name suggests, appliances are built right into the room itself. Built-in appliances are usually slimmer than their freestanding counterparts but they have stricter requirements when it comes to placement and positioning. In this article, we’ll go over all of the appliances that can be built-in when designing your kitchen.

The most common appliance to be built-in is the refrigerator. Nothing is more unobtrusive than a seamless wooden wall of cabinets where your pantry is located and one of them opens up to your fridge. If there’s one kitchen appliance that people want built-in, it’s the refrigerator.

The stove is another kitchen appliance that is usually considered as a candidate to be built-in. Induction stoves are perfect for the job because their form factor allows them the seamlessly blend in with the countertop. If not being used, an induction stove will look just like a section of your kitchen countertop.

The built-in dishwasher is also another very popular kitchen appliance. No more dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink because the dishwasher is hidden from view. Valuable countertop space is also saved when opting for a built-in dishwasher because these are usually located somewhere unobtrusive like below the sink or under the countertop.

The built-in oven is simply a Godsend to most people who love to bake. These ovens are usually positioned at eye level making them very comfortable to use. No more ducking down to uncomfortable levels just to check on the food you’re cooking in the oven. Having the oven built into the wall is also safer for your arms because you no longer have to duck and place your arms in an awkward angle when placing or removing food from the oven.

This is just a partial list of appliances that are usually built-in into integrated kitchens. Other appliances like ice dispensers or coffeemakers can be integrated as well but not everyone will appreciate these appliances being built in. Ultimately, it is up to you if you decide to have everything in your kitchen integrated, just keep in mind that the more intricate your design, the higher the costs will be.

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