Understanding the Langstroth Hive

There are many investments in beginning beekeeping but the first one is the hive. The most modern one that is available with details to assemble or already built is the Langstroth hive. You can buy your Langstroth hive in any beekeeper’s shop. Just make sure that is well built and strong. Langstroth hive has following parts:

A stand

Board at the bottom

Slatted rack

Lower deep or brood chamber

Upper food chamber

Excluder for the queen

Honey super shallow

Inner cover

Outer cover

Langstroth hive is kept in the yard and it is exposed to all kinds of heat, cold and wind, so it is better if you can protect it by paintings a few layers of good quality paint.

Go to a paint store and pick any outdoor robust paint variety and paint the outer structure and not the following list:

The top feeder

The cover of the hive should be left alone

The hive body


The inside wood of the bee hive is where the bees live and they do not like the smell of paint they will leave the colony. The chemical properties of the paint may mix with honey as well.

You need to take care whenever you want move the hive to another place by making sure that the entire hive is strapped in all sides strongly.

The bees do lend a hand in gluing the hives frames and structure through their propolis. But that does not mean that you can be careless when moving so make sure you use ratchet straps in your truck to secure the hive.

The bees collect a substance called proplis which is strong glue during their active months. This is applied to the structure of the hive for joint strength.

Even though the bees use propolis to glue the hive joints you will have to take them to inspect the hive. So that strength diminishes through our interference so you need to secure well when you move the hive.

Remember what ever hive you buy the bees have apart to play and we may or may not interfere with it, still they will continue to play their role well.

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