The Metal Lathe Types For Your Metalworking And Woodworking Needs

If you’ve never heard of a metal lathe, it is a particular type of machinery that allows various material parts from a metal to be cut. Initially the lathe was used only for cutting metal, however nowadays it can cut pretty much any other material as well. While early on it was used only in metalworking, nowadays woodworkers and hobbyists and craftsmen are using this equipment equally well.

You can find might variations of lathes within the metalworking field. Some variations are not really that obvious, and other are more to a niche area. For example, a centering lathe is a double head machine where the work stays fixed and the heads move towards the workpiece and machines a center drill hole in every end. The appearing workpiece might then be used between centers for another operation. There are several types of metal lathes, including a center, a capstan, a CNC lathe, as well as a Turret lathe. Each of them have a different application, even though they are using the same initial principles.

The center lathe is in addition called an engine lathe and it is the most common one of all types. It is used by machinists and various hobbyists and craftsmen alike.

The Capstain lathe is the next type, and this is actually a ram turret lathe used mostly in the workholding industry. It has various combined features using a lathe and a captain tailstock. It is a manufacturing equipment.

The next type is the CNC lathe. This is rather a modern type that seems to replace slowly all the other types. This is because it uses modern installation and operation techniques that people are quite used to and enjoy working with.

The next is the Turret lathe, which is a manufacturing equipment similar to the Capstain lathe. The main difference consists in the fact that this one lies on the bed and it is not fixed as the Capstain one is.

Combination lathe – This is a machine that has several operations besides the basic cutting. Here you can also find drilling, milling and other types. The x and y axis of this machine are used by the carriage and the topslide.

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