Some Interesting Facts On Old Metal Signs For Sale

Ever since there have been road signs there have also been youngsters who tear them down to keep as trophies on their bedroom walls. Every town has met with this issue, and it seems to be something of a tradition among teenagers the world over. Perhaps these kids simply do not realize the importance of the road markers that they steal, and one day those markers may end up in a pavement garage sale as old metal signs for sale.

Of course, the rest of us understand how important road markers are. They control traffic flow through static direction at a fraction of the price that other methods would entail. Law enforcement officers are paid salaries and electric signage uses power, but metal boards on posts have no overhead costs once they have been planted. Unless someone decides to loose a few rounds into them on an abandoned road, that is.

The very first road markers were probably stones, or stone piles. People have always navigated according to landmarks and using stones to create artificial landmarks is nothing new. Later on, the stones themselves were marked with numbers or names, such as the remaining distance to a town. The ancient Romans used stone columns to mark out the distance to Rome.

The mass production of cars gave a new stimulus to the process of road marker development. In 1895, the Italian Touring Club designed a system of symbols to make road travel easier. Since that early attempt, different countries have developed various systems of symbols for use on their roads.

Cooperation is very important because it helps if everyone is using the same symbols. However, keeping the symbols the same from one country to another is not as easy as it may sound. Initially, the UK insisted on using miles instead of kilometers, and the USA developed an entirely unique signage system in 1960, which was then copied by several other countries. Since then, the USA has incorporated some features from other countries into its signage system.

The challenge in designing road symbols is that they have to be universally intelligible. In other words, they need to be understood by a vast variety of people, many of whom have limited literacy or who do not even speak the native language(s) of the country in which the symbols are to be used. Shapes and colors therefore become very important in trying to attain universal legibility.

Also, drivers have precious few seconds to look at road markers as they drive by. The symbols therefore need to be easy to read and understand, in a short space of time. This necessitates the use of large fonts and bright colors, among other factors.

At present, road signs are made of thin, light metal like aluminum, covered in a protective and reflective plastic coating. This means that the signs have no significant re-sale value, unless they are of historical significance, which may be why they get stolen and stored in private homes. There is usually a story to be told about old metal signs for sale.

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