Practical Uses For Magnetic Field Coils

If someone hears the word solenoid, they may or may not know what it means. But, whether one realizes it or not, a solenoid is something that is being used all of the time and in more ways than one can imagine. This is due to the fact that it is one of many magnetic field coils that are currently in use.

A solenoid is quit simply an electromagnet that is designed for a specific purpose. It is made up of wire that has been coiled several times which increases the power of the magnetic field around it. It is called an electromagnet, because of the magnetic field that is created by the electrical current that flows through the wire.

One type of coil that functions in this manner is known as a solenoid. There are a number of machines and devices that function because of this electromagnet and they can be seen on the roads, in houses, arcades, and computers. But, there are many more places where they can be used and in different forms.

On a typical day, a person would get into their car and travel to their destination of choice. In order to start the car, they have to turn the ignition switch. But, if there is no starter solenoid, the car would not start. It is the coil that gets the current from the battery and the ignition switch in order for the motor to start. However, this is not the only machine that uses this coil.

In washing machines hydraulic solenoid valves are used to control the amount of water that flows into the container. Washing machines operate in different cycles which wash and rinse respectively. After each cycle, the water has to be emptied from the drum and the valves help with this process. Hydraulic type solenoids are also used to exchange other fluids like oil and can also be found in various irrigation systems.

Electromechanical solenoids are usually found in certain arcade games like pinball machines. They control many of the features of the machine that help to make the games challenging. This type of coil is wrapped around movable steel, and the movement of the steel in and out of the coil causes it to become an electromagnet. It is placed underneath the layout of the game in order to move various pieces on top of it.

Rotary voice coil solenoids are used in hard disk drives. The coil is wrapped around a magnet and it is the electromagnetic force that does the work of positioning the head of the disk drive. However, the coil does not touch the magnet at any time. The head of a disk drives is that part that allows a computer to read or write the disk which is done through electrical currents or magnetic fields respectively.

magnetic field coils are used in many appliances in the home and in the workplace. There are many other practical uses for them other than what has been mentioned in this article. The solenoid is one such coil that is small in size but can carry enough force to operate a machine. This is why they are so valuable in the creation of technology today.

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