Paintings Of Velazquez

Among the portraits in Velazquez paintings were those of King Philip IV and other members of the royal family as well as of the court. There was also a portrait of the court fools, consisting of people with mental and physical weaknesses who were kept to amuse the king.

Velazquez visited Italy twice. It was during these visits that he was able to include a portrait of Pope Innocent X among the acclaimed Velazquez paintings. This was in 1650. The pope said the painting was so truthful in the vivid way the picture caught his character. He was truly impressed.

In 1617, after completing a 6 year apprenticeship with a local painter, Francisco Pacheco, Diego set up his own studio. In 1622, Diego moved to Madrid where he earned the chance to include the portrait of the powerful Count-Duke of Olivares among the Velazquez paintings.

From June 1629 to January 1631, Diego travelled to Italy. It was there that he was influenced by the great artists of the region. Upon his return to Madrid, he began a series of Velazquez paintings consisting of portraits featuring the members of the royal family on horseback.

Upon Diego’s return to Madrid from his Italian travels from 1629 to 1631, Velazquez paintings included portraits of the dwarves who served in the court of King Philip IV, taking care that they are depicted as complex, intelligent beings. Other responsibilities Diego took within the court, along with his painting duties, range from wardrobe assistance to supervision of palace works.

In the snapshot-like painting of Las Meninas, considered to be the most acclaimed among Velazquez paintings, two handmaidens were depicted as doting on the future empress, Margarita Theresa, while Diego peers from behind a large easel. In the painting, In the portrait, Diego was ostensibly studying the king and queen, while his gaze meets the viewer.

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