New Nerf Guns of 2010 – What Blasters Are Available?

Your immediate future is richer and the future is now. Brand new weaponry released by Nerf are going over and above anticipation and bringing out foes all over the place. Regardless of whether from a distance or through the dark, Nerf blasters of 2010 provide you with an edge over the adversary like you haven’t had before.

Target your opponent before they get any nearer with the range of the Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6. This highly effective gun hits off a target from 35 feet away and has a striking blue barrel extension that expands the blaster to 3 feet. Hardly any other Nerf gun provides the range of this hottest air-powered blaster.

Aiming is exact and precise via tactical rails and a flip-up sight. Targets within close proximity and moving forward the perimeter can be identified and taken out using this new to blaster. Use the included barrel extension to achieve the most range.

For rapid fire make use of the quick-reload clip included or include yet another onto the blaster for even more quickness. The lengthy range, accurate Nerf Longstrike CS-6 is sold with six Click-System darts, the clip, barrel extension and sight. You will have every little thing you’ll need to be combat prepared.

inventive and awesome weapon, look to the Nerf N Strike Deploy CS6. One of the Nerf guns of 2010 that you must have, the Deploy can be easily converted to a flashlight allowing you to penetrate the darkness and discover the enemy’s presence. The pump-handled blaster is then transformed back into a weapon to attack the exposed target in quick succession.

Complete with one quick-reload clip and a handy carry strap, the Deploy is the weapon of choice for many Nerf fans. Three AAA batteries deliver the juice to power the flashlight and the standard six Click-System darts are included.

Battles are attaining new levels with the latest Nerf weapons of 2010. Range isn’t an issue for the Longstrike and night is vanquished with the Deploy, providing you the most power and most enjoyment ever.

Besides the 2 above blasters, there are some of others coming out in 2010 as well. In fact, 4 others have hit shelves. The Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS-50 and Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18 are 2 others. You can see them, as well as others by simply following the links!

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