Keep The Yellow Golf Shirt Inside The Bag

Yet another beautiful day, out on the golf course, and I’m feeling like a million bucks wearing my bright yellow golf shirt, and the girl I would like to meet, is just a golf hole before me.

There she goes, off the tee box. Right down the middle of the fairway on number 2 hole. The last time I was out here, she faded it right into the bunker, just next to my favorite ball placement. I missed my chance to meet her at that time. I pull hooked the ball on the opposite side of the fairway.

Maybe we wil meet a couple holes down. She has to come back down number 3, and I should be teeing off number 2-tee box as well. Maybe I will impress her with a beautiful drive, straight and long down the fairway. Worst-case scenario will be another long hook out into her fairway this time. I wonder if she’ll stop and watch me fly the trees, hitting back to the green?

Here we go. I see that her drive on number 3 landed left side of the fairway. I better tee this puppy up and let it soar. If I’m going to impress her, now is the time. With this bright yellow golf shirt on, there is no way that she will not notice me. I’m sure I’ll stand out. This is my golden opportunity.

Amazing golf shot happening here! It is flying way out of sight! I notice her looking over as the ball lands and rolls. Amazing! I think I did it! All I need to do is proudly walk down the middle of the fairway. I feel like a pro with this yellow golf shirt on, taking the turn at the Masters. Now all I have to do is keep a straight face, as if it’s routine, and walk down the left side of the middle. That would bring me a little closer, without having to yell, to say hi. I better determine quickly what to say, in case she compliments me on a nice golf shot.

Oh excellent! I hit it so far. The foursome before me is yelling and waving. I completely forgot to wait till they were out of reach. How embarrassing is this going to be? I’m the only golf player in my group out on the fairway. All of my golf buddies are on the opposite side of the fairway. How do you try to impress somebody with an excellent golf shot, only to discover, the shot almost hit somebody? This is not good. What is even worse? I think her parents are walking my way. Great! Let us meet the parents!

Perfect timing! My friends need a hand on the other side of the fairway to look for a lost ball! It is a good thing I have an extra shirt, just in case it rains. I think I should change this bright yellow golf shirt on the opposite side of the fairway. First impression is going to have to wait.

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