How to Dress for a Mafia-themed Party

The Godfather movie has been a big hit all over the world. People have become aware of a mafia’s role in society. But what makes this elite gangster group well-known is how they dress. During their heydays, these gangster groups dress like any other ordinary person. They typically wear suit along with suitcases as well as cigars as their accessory. However, since the launch of the movie “The Godfather”, their way of dressing has soon been associated to gangster attire. These days, people tend to wear mafia attire during special occasions such as Halloween. Despite modern day’s fashion always moving forward, you can still find key items for you to look like a part of the mafia as opposed to another. You can consider alternative items to wear which you can spice up to look like a modern-day mafia gangster. Chic polo shirts and Smoke51 Electronic Cigarette Reviews are some of the items you can consider using as alternative props to your mafia costume. But you have to be very detailed so as not to look like any normal person. Here are some tips on how you could dress like a mafia gangster perfectly.

* Firstly, your hair must be perfectly slicked back. Nothing says mafia gangster than the way you present yourself. So if you have either short or long hair, consider slicking your locks back with a gel to have that instant gangster look.

* When it comes to the shirt, a black collar shirt is the way to go. Just make sure that the shirt is buttoned all the way to the top. It may sound very uncomfortable, but if you aim to imitate a typical mafia gangster then it’s a sacrifice you have to deliver. You can also add a tie to your outfit to make it look authentic.

* Nothing says more of a mafia member than suspenders. Using suspenders back in the day was very useful to secure one’s pants. And by picking a classic white-colored suspender can really make your outfit look chic.

* Of course, you don’t want to forget the typical suit jacket. Find a double-breasted suit jacket with a pocket at the side to look a lot like a gangster. You can place a handkerchief and fold it into a triangle to make it look more authentic. Just make sure that the handkerchief lays flat against the chest and not all ruffled up.

* Lastly, don’t be cheap with accessories. Fedora hats, shoes, violin case or suitcase and cigars are great accessories you can use to complete your overall look. Look in vintage shops on items like the fedora hat and violin case for a great bargain. But if you find the cigar very expensive, you can substitute it with Smoke51 Electronic Cigarette Reviews for a more modern take.

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