Concise Information About Silver Proof Coins

The US mint written the 2008 proof silver eagle coins on 3 January 2008. The financial price for these coins was set at $31.95. Initially the US mint did not put any confinement on the acquisition limit as well as the quantity of the coins that could be mass-produced.

The proof Silver Eagles are amongst the most popular coins constructed by the US mint and they are favorably available for sale the whole year round. They can also be minted on-demand.

However a unique circumstances took place with the 2008 Silver Eagle proof coins and that was the fact that the US mint indeed put a stop to the selling of this numerous a few months after it was issued. It was quite a shock for coin compiling enthusiasts to logon to the US Mint website and discover out that the 2008 Silver Eagle proof coin was not attainable for sale.

As with every other good, although, there can be occasions where the provide cannot meet the demand. There have been numerous instances of special proof coins being so rare or insufficient that their prices have therefore gone up each year. There are other circumstances that might lead to such limited issuances, to be sure, and they can go from bureaucratic decisions to material deficits. The latter was what surfaced with the Silver Eagle coins of 2008.

In order to attend to the public regarding this circumstances the US mint written a memo that informed them of the situation. The memo clearly stated that the US mint was not going to be using the incoming silver blanks for the purpose of creating the numistic series of the American Eagle silver proof and exclusive issues. The complete provide of silver blanks was going to be employed for the purpose of creating silver bullion coins only which is going to esult to a reduced supply period.

Based on the above-mentioned statements and other occassions where the US mint has directed the public on the issue it is clear that the manufacturing of 2008 proof Silver Eagles will only resume when the requirement for the bullion Silver Eagles has subsided. Or on the other hand if the US mint is able to buy silver blanks in bigger amounts that will enable them to fulfill the requirement for all their silver products.

One honest thing that might have arisen from the non-production of proof Silver Eagles, consistent to a few trained numismatists, is the sharp rise in worth that has been seeing lately for existing at the present time specimens. Again the law of supply and requirement rears its head, as the sharp price advance has been honing quite a stir in the numismatic community. That having been said, there are also some people who are not satisfied about the issue.

The prices shot to the sky as soon as the US mint halted the production of these coins. From $31 the valuehave gone up all the way to $50 for every coin.

You can still try to retrieve proof Silver Eagles online, if you be familiar with where to look, but be sure to look for a reliable distributor if you do so. Be warned too that the current asking price for these coins can be quite steep, and shall probably remain so until the provide goes up again.

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