Cash For Gold When Needing Money Quickly

It seems as if most everyone has been to parties where you are asked to buy a product, but one of the newest trends is a party where participants bring unwanted jewelry, coins and other precious metals to sell. While such parties, they are not the best place to unload such property. In most instances when looking for cash for gold Boca Raton citizens can find better prices than at the party.

The first thing to know when selling precious metals it that they are weighed on different scales than normal. The metals are sold using the Troy ounce. Unlike other US measurements where an ounce is 28 grams, the Troy ounce equals 31.1 ounce. Other dealers buy and sell using pennyweight measures or 1.555 grams.

The karat value of a piece of jewelry being sold is a measure of the percentage of the pure higher priced metal mixed with others to create an alloy. This can give the jewelry color as well as strength. Fourteen karat metal is mixed 14 parts of a more expensive material with 10 parts of another metals. Ten karat material is the lowest value that allows the piece to carry the name of the more expensive metal.

Jewelry of different karat weight should be separated and weighed separately. Weighing all the pieces together and paying for the lowest karat value will lose the seller money. Before attempting to sell, separate pieces by karat value.

Many times those buying precious metals do not pay for stones in the piece. If there are diamonds on a piece, the seller may want to remove them before selling. In addition, jewelry from a well know designer may have value beyond the metal included in it.

Although many companies offer Cash for Gold Boca Raton residents need to understand the value of a piece before selling. Jewelry does have a monetary value. Well informed sellers usually get the best price.

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