All About Anti-Fog Coating

Water droplets condensing on a surface can be prevented. there is water condensing when there is a change in temperature. if you can produce a surface, where the water droplets form a single film by spreading out then fogging could be avoided. water is not removed but you cannot see it anymore. keeping bathroom mirrors, goggles, and car windows from turning misty can be done by using a coating that turns seemingly opaque water droplets into smooth clear films.

Fogging happens when steam is condensed on a surface with a lesser temperature forming microscopic water droplets because of the surface tension of the water. Molecules of water are drawn to each other more than to molecules of air; thus, they assume a globular shape in order to make the most contact with other water molecules. This results in fewer water molecules in the air.

Water molecules are also drawn to glass, by enhancing this attraction the surface tension can be overwhelmed. This is the action required of an anti-fog coating. Earlier anti-fog coatings had used titanium dioxide-based surfaces that amplify the attraction of water to glass. This renders the surface tension ineffective resulting in the spreading out of water into a film.

the catch is that these coatings have to be charged with ultraviolet rays, which makes them stop working in the dark for long. plus, they expire after a period of 3 months.

new polymer coating designed by Rubner works in any circumstance and has a life span of a year. to increase the glass-water attraction in two ways is the key. a combination between a modifying the chemistry and altering the architecture was made.

this water loving coating is a composition of a 3d matrix of water loving, negatively charged polymer chains blended with a mix of glass nanoparticles and miniscule air bubbles. a roughness that multiplies the surface area of the glass that makes contact with water is produced. the force of attraction between the two is elevated which consequently overpowers surface tension. the droplets therefore are joined together forming a very thin layer.

the air bubbles in the three dimensional network aids in breaking up the droplets by creating suction down towards them much like the absorbency of a sponge.

The coatings can also be made to do the opposite; the water on the surface would collect into larger and larger drops until their weight causes them to roll off the surface.

Are you in search of a good anti-fog spray? Use our product and have a clear vision, anti fog all year round. it can even protect your car windows using anti fogging treatments.

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