A Pleasure Craft Can Be The Recreation Investment For Almost Anyone

Boating is a sport enjoyed by many young and old alike. There are not many things that can compare to enjoying a day on the water, boating, fishing, or skiing. A pleasure craft is an essential part of summer recreation for many people and suitable for the entire family. Boating doesn’t necessarily require a tremendous investment as there are large and small water craft that can fit almost any budget and purpose.

It is true that a yacht is often a coveted pleasure craft and is suitable for open water but it is not necessarily the best craft for every sport or need. A boat for fishing may be much better with a very small trolling motor and a low hull to get in close to shore. A fisherman may not need speed if they fish inland.

However, no matter the size of the boat or the purpose there are certain boating laws governing the operation of these craft. Most operators are required to have taken boating safety courses and to have a craft operator card. A boating license is required in most states and is a statement that the operator understands the rules and regulations governing the operation of their craft.

The popularity of boating for leisure has increased and with more recreational boats on the waterways it is more important than ever that the operators be competent and conversant with all laws. Different types of boats require different licensing and competencies but the most common is the pleasure craft boat license.

Boating can be an exciting, relaxing, thrilling, soothing, sport or experience if the boat operator understands and obeys the laws. A competent operator will understand not only just how many life jackets must be present on board but how many people their craft will hold. Any licensed operator will also know who has the right of way in any situation and what the speed limit is.

Boating laws bring order into what might otherwise be a chaotic highway with no traffic lanes or signals. Learning the rules of the water and basic boat safety give any operator the confidence to deal with almost any situation on the water. A license is simply physical proof the operator understands the laws and regulations and has displayed competency.

A pleasure boat might cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Most boaters feel that investment is well worth it because of the hours of enjoyment derived from this sport. On the other hand, with all the money spent on the craft the few hours of time invested in boat classes and the license seem a small price to pay for safety.

Whether the boater is on the inland waterways or open water the licensed boat operator has the tools to assure both the safety of the craft and the passengers. People both young and old enjoy water sports and boating. It seems only sensible given the valuable nature of a boat’s contents, the cargo, that the craft operator has all the skills and knowledge learned through boating course available.

Unleash your inner Magellan. Sort out a boat test and hit the high seas. Summer is here, get a validated boat license or operator card and set sail.

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