Helpful Tips For Hiring The Services Of A Marietta Reliable Roofer

The roof of a home is constantly subjected to the elements and other stresses which will eventually lead to the need for it to be replaced. In order to ensure that one\’s new roof is installed in such a way that it will last for many years to come, a professional roofing contractor should be hired to handle this job. When it comes to hiring a Marietta reliable roofer, homeowners should keep these tips in mind.

Since the reality is that some roofing contractors are less than honest and only in the business of taking people\’s money, it\’s highly advisable to first do some checking up on the background of prospective companies. Establishing a short list of about three or four contractors and requesting a quote from each of them can serve as a starting point in one\’s search for the best candidate.

It is essential to verify that the contractor is fully insured, and the customer must actually ask to see documents supporting this fact. With \”fly-by-night\” companies out there, it\’s also recommended that homeowners confirm that the company has a physical address, phone number, and tax identification number as evidence of permanency.

A warranty provided by the contractor is considered a good indicator of quality as it shows they back up their workmanship. Preferably the warranty will be valid for at least a year. Contractors should also take on the responsibility of obtaining any necessary permits and include such costs in their quotes. The customer should ask each one for a list of about ten references, but need only contact a few of these.

After the homeowner has chosen a contractor, it is necessary for a written agreement to be drawn up between the two parties. It needs to include an itemized list of each expense and clearly show how the total is calculated. The name, contact details, and license number of the business should also be stated.

The contract should also indicate which party is responsible if any damage occurred during the roofing job. Other details that should be stated include payment method and schedule, anticipated start and finish dates for the project, warranty coverage particulars, and installation method used.

The homeowner also needs to review the contract carefully for any fine print which may include a clause pertaining to applicable cancellation fees and liquidation damages which they may be accountable for if they opted out of hiring the contractor after the approval of an insurance claim. Whenever any terms are not clear, the contractor must be willing to fully explain them to the customer, and never push him or her into signing in haste.

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