Giving Gifts To People In Assisted Living

Often as people get older they scale back on personal belongings and pare down to more day-to-day necessities. Sometimes, they even move to smaller homes. Assisted living residences may be one of the scaling back solutions an older adult chooses. Downsizing and getting older can change the types of gifts that are giving for special occasions and just because. Get creative and come up with ideas that are useful in their new environments or are regularly consumed.

Subscriptions are a nice present. If they have a specific interest in a topic, get a magazine subscription. Many magazines cater to just one topic. Newspapers, either local or regional, are a nice way to keep your family or friend up on current issues. For something to evoke stories of the past, try to find some newspapers or magazines from an earlier time in their lives.

Personalize the gift of pictures. Either make a photo album in the traditional way or get creative and put it together on the computer. If you have access to pictures of various times in their lives, create a pictorial walk down memory lane. Another thought is to put random pictures into a digital frame. Pictures slowly change into another creating a compact photo album to enjoy.

Not all seniors are computer savvy or some just like to write their correspondence. Present them with a handy box filled with writing tools, such as, pens, envelopes, stamps, and stationary. Buy a selection of cards that are specific to a holiday or event, that way they have a card in hand when needed. Include a wall or desk calendar with events already written in. This way they can have a reminder and add all their new acquaintances birthdays too.

Having the ability to create a mood or elicit a memory is easily done with music. Find out the favorite bands, singers, and specific songs of the person to whom you will be giving the gift. Depending on the type of player they have, provide the music in that format. Adding to their collection should be easy.

A person’s body tends to get cold more easily when he or she gets older. Presents to help keep a person warm can be an extra blanket for their bed or a small throw to keep on their laps. A nice sweater and warm socks can keep them toasty too. Hats, scarves, and gloves may be just the right gift for most any season, depending on where the community is located. New Jersey may need them autumn, winter, and spring. Whereas, in southern California, these items may only be appropriate in the winter.

Comfort items like lotions, creams, or a nice robe and slippers can give a sense of feeling a bit pampered. Most everyone appreciates being nice to themselves. Find out if they have a preference of scents or, maybe, no scent at all. Also, be mindful of any allergies they may have.

Assisted living communities are great for socializing. Think about providing some entertainment by giving a set of dominoes, a cribbage board, decks of cards, or dice. Throw in a book about different game rules so they can try some new game. If you know of a hobby they like, create the opportunity for them to keep interested. If they like to watch birds, put a feeder by a window. Gift some yarn for knitters, or model planes for the builders. See if the community has hobby groups and make sure your friend or family member knows about the group.

Gift giving for someone who lives in an assisted living arrangement doesn’t have to be mind bending. Just pay attention to how your friend or family member lives and what is important to them. Be mindful of the space limitations and keep the gifts personal.

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