A Quick Introduction To Anthurium Flowers

Anthurium blossoms are available in numerous diverse types. Are you aware that you can find more than 800 types of anthuriums? For those who search hard enough, you will discover they are available in pretty much every colour of the rainbow, plus they are also available in a variety of sizes from under an inch to nearly one foot in length. Here are a few the most well-liked types.

Obake anthurium flowers are available in a number of colours from light pink and greens to radiant red-colored and green combos. “Obake” means ghost in Japanese and these types of blossoms offer an ethereal quality because they in many cases are very large and absolutely no two possess a similar blend of hues. Despite their name, there’s absolutely nothing scary about this type of anthurium.

Tulip anthurium blossoms tend to come in the shape of tulips. They’re typically more compact in size, plus they are available in a huge selection of colours, such as: white-colored, purple, light red, red-colored, lavender and green. In contrast to almost all other types of anthurium that are scentless, a few types of tulip anthuriums actually have a satisfying fragrance.

The Midori is an anthurium blossom which is available in an extremely attractive tone of green. Midori means green in Japanese and shares its name with a popular variety of green tinted melon alcohol. It’s a medium-sized blossom and it’s also one of the more durable types. As opposed to a rose that may just survive a couple of days, Midori anthuriums are actually recognized to survive up to a calendar month right after being harvested.

As you can see, anthurium flowers come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The most amazing thing is that anthurium growers are continuing to create even more new varieties with brighter colors, larger flowers and even longer shelf lives. It seems that there is no limit to what growers can come up with. It looks like 800 varieties are just the beginning.

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