Planting A Blue Henon Bamboo Tree Is A Great Idea

Many people like to plant different shrubs or trees in order to add more privacy to their gardens. Generally the faster growing plants are the more popular as not many people want to wait for many years for this cover to become apparent. One plant that many are turning to is the blue henon bamboo tree as it can grow as tall as thirty feet and very quickly.

Some of these plants have the ability to grow about eighty eight centimetres in about twenty four hours. They are very strong and many will substitute them for brick, concrete as well as wood. When they are used in construction they will be harvested when they reach their greatest strength and this can vary depending on their specie.

The Phyllostachys Nigra or the Henon Giant Gray can grow to very great heights and is also able to grow in many shaded areas as well. It seems to also do very well where the soil is poor and the watering is infrequent. This one is very hardy and as it ages the canes will change from an olive green to grey in colour. The canes are of high quality when it comes to wood and is frequently sought after by craftsmen.

In Indonesia they are thinly sliced and boiled with a coconut milk and different spices are added to create a dish called gulai rebung. Some of the shoots will need to be boiled beforehand so as to make then safe. The young stalks can also be picked during the wet season and made into a soft drink and even a sweet wine.

They offer a wide variety of different fast growing bamboo plants as well and the colours of the canes come in blue, green, black as well as yellow. They will vary in height but they are all hardy and can withstand temperatures falling to below zero. The Alphonse Karr Bamboo Plant is the most popular as it makes a perfect fence and is also very pleasing to look.

In order to re-plant a running bamboo into the ground it is advisable to make a container for them out of high density plastic. It must be open at the bottom and can be closed at the sides with a metal brace. Dig a hole large enough for the plastic to sit comfortably inside. This container will ensure that the plant can be kept in control for the next five to seven years.

In India it is a symbol of friendship and when the plants begin to bloom it is considered a sign of approaching famine. When the bamboos flower the rats will go into a frenzy of sorts and destroy the crops as well as breeding much faster than normal. It is believed that they will only bloom once in every fifty years or so.

There are two types of bamboos the running and the clumping. It is well worth ones time to become familiar with these two types as the running one can become very much like a forest over time. Those that have planted the wrong type swear that they will never plant bamboo again.

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