How To Store Garlic And In Keeping It Fresh

When we talk about vegetables, we all know that there is a harvesting season. But when harvesting season nearly ends, we all know that those vegetables will start to wind down. There are those major users of such vegetables who needs to a have a good number so they could potentially continue their business processes.

A very common vegetable most of us use in our kitchen is the one and only garlic. There are some that we may use in all the meals we have to cook. But when their season soon ends, it will be good for you to start storing slowly so you still have something to use when the next harvesting comes. Because of these, below are tips on how to store garlic and how to keep it fresh.

You have to keep in mind that by selecting garlic you have to notice things in or on its bulbs. Avoid the ones that are damaged, soft, and or still sprouting. The ones you truly need are those undamaged ones so you could still use them like as good as new after quite some time of storing.

The most common ways of storing this vegetable is by placing them in mesh bags or in your loose woven baskets. These are the common things that we see in the market. This could help every piece to breathe and stay good until the right time that you are going to use them. There are also those that got flexible tops and you may braid them and hang somewhere in your kitchen or other parts of your house.

You could also store it inside your fridge. Place them in your fridge and inside its crisp drawer. This place will help keep the humidity off from causing problems to the body parts of your vegetable. But remember when you take it out and place under room temperature, it will sprout after several days. Thus, only take it out when you really have to use it.

The freezer is also an excellent place in storing your garlic. Mostly, people will think that using frozen garlics is definitely bad unlike using the fresh ones. But by doing a simple preparation, keeping it fresh is very possible. Just mince the clover inside your blender, place them inside ice cube tray or on several silicone sheets. Move them out from the freezer after freezing then move it to your airtight container.

You may even make your very own dehydrated garlic. This is just easy. Slice thinly your peeled garlic then pop those slices to a food dehydrator or oven but keep the door ajar. If you use the oven, maintain a good 115 degrees temperature. Once all of them are crisp, store them in airtight container. This could be stored in room temperature and can be good for many months.

You could even simply roast it. This is what most users do in keeping their garlic. It is because it is still okay if you freeze it after you did the roasting. It will be great to use the longest time you may think. Also, roasting it is what we commonly do when we cook our meals.

There are a lot more good ways on how to keep this type of vegetable good as fresh in long term phase. The things that listed above are just the commonly used ones by the users around the world. So follow these things in order for you to enjoy your garlics for a long time.

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