Guide To Planting Black Bamboo Plants In Pots

The fact that some individuals have no garden does not mean that they cannot have plants of their own. It is possible to carry out this activity in a container provided all the conditions required will be availed. Some indoor settings are decorated using indoor plants. There are important things that those who would like consider planting black bamboo plants in pots should know.

They have to ensure that the regularly water the bamboo in the pot. Watering should be carried out in the evenings and mornings when there is no much heat to minimize cases of the water to get evaporated. Special cans should also be used to ensure that the force in which water flows from them does not cause any damage on the plant. The pressure is likely to uproot it if high.

The stem of a young bamboo plant is very weak. Support has to be provided to it as it grows. Some pebbles may be placed on the pot to offer this support. As it grows tall, a stick may be pinned on their side and the stem made to lay on it. Some strings are used to join the string with stick to ensure that it does not end up falling or curving.

Light is of very much importance in the growth of plants. It is common to see them growing towards a source of light if the area they are placed is not well ventilated. A pot should be placed in a region where sunlight is able to get to it. Direct sunlight may be avoided when it is too hot to avoid cases where the bamboo dries up due to too much heat.

It is common to all plant being affected by pest or some diseases. They may end up dying if the required care is not taken up in the right time. The bamboo should be sprayed with pesticides to ensure that that its not affected by pest. Water can also be used to gently rinse the stems and leaves in cases where small insects such as spiders and aphids are seen.

Since the bamboo will be growing, it will reach a point where there will be need to transfer it to another pot or garden. This is the trickiest part in bringing it up since it is likely to dry up if it is not well carried out. The roots should be well uprooted with a lump of soil on them to ensure that they remain in place.

Weeding is carried out to remove any other plants growing alongside the bamboo. They are likely to cause competition of growth affecting the required plant to thrive well. It should be carried out immediately any weeds are seen growing.

Pruning need to be carried out also. This is the activity of removing the excess leaves or stems. The ones removed are those that seem weak and not healthy. They are removed through cutting them off. The activity should be well carried out to avoid causing some damage on the plant.

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