Cannabis as Medicine

Marijuana has many names: cannabis, cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, marihuana, hemp, even cannabis American us but they are all the same plant. Marijuana is used for many different purposes in many different areas.

The use of marijuana has a very long history, stretching back thousands of years. Perceptions of it differ from beneficial to evil. Modern Western medicine is learning about medical uses of marijuana, and sometimes re-learning.

In Eastern medicine, in contrast, marijuana is one of the basic herbs. With the amount of marijuana grown and consumed in the west, and it’s growing acceptance, we can look forward to more medical developments as time goes by.

Right now medical marijuana is on a steep learning curve. New uses for it are being discovered and tested all the time. New ways to make use of the herb are being developed, often through activists who share knowledge about ingestion, benefits, ways top cook with it, and more There are two main varieties of marijuana – indica and sativa

These two types can be further divided into all sorts of sub-strains Breeders have further multiplied these by selective breeding The result is thousands and thousands of strains and names

With varying characteristics, effects and profile,each is quite different.Indicas mature faster than sativas, both in the vegetative stage and in the bloom They arose in North Africa, Tibet, Pakistan and Afghanistan Traditionally producers of hash, indica lends itself to the practice

With wide, dark green leaves, indicas are shorter and denser than sativas They take about two months to mature once they begin to flower They get big stinky blooms They are good for medicine because of their pain blocking qualities It grows well indoors and it’s shape and size make it easier to cultivate as well.

Sativas grow slower and grow taller than indicas. They are harder to grow indoors, and are hard to grow outside as you get further north. They grow in places like Mexico, Colombia, the Caribbean and South east Asia.

They get very tall – 15 to 20 feet They are lighter green than indicas, and long and skinny in comparison They also take longer to bloom and mature The effects associated with sativas are paranoia and irregular hear beats This makes medical use of pure sativas more challenging.

That doesn’t mean sativas don’t have medical uses There are many types of both sativas and indicas They can be selectively bred with each other That creates new combinations of effects – some are enhanced and other diminished.

That’s what breeders try to accomplish They breed for results – more resear4ch leads to more knowledge about what strains do what This leads to more strains and hybrids than the original pure strains.The results are hybrids that are called sativa/indica crosses or indica/sativa crosses, depending on the mix and which is in the majority.

A sativa hybrid is predominantly sativa, but with some indica characteristics. Indica hybrids have the opposite proportions. Sativa hybrids that have reduced paranoia effects can still have motivational effects, and so become useful, even if they aren’t good pain blockers. They are good for anti-depression and for appetite stimulation. Indica hybrids dominate medical marijuana, however, and are good pain blockers. An indica hybrid was the strain I first grew hydroponically – Northern Lights (I’ve loved it ever since!)

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