Anthurium Care: Learn How To Keep Your Anthurium Plant Alive

Perhaps you obtained an attractive anthurium plant as a gift or you purchased one as a memento of your Hawaiian holiday and now you’re wondering: “Exactly how do i keep this spectacular, tropical plant alive?”

Fortunately for you, as long as you can stick to simple guidelines, you should have no problem keeping your brand-new plant living for a long time.

Watering The top thing that you must do is water your plant appropriately. They are incredibly robust plants, nevertheless like almost all plants they must be properly watered routinely. It is best to water them every one to three days, dependent upon the level of humidity and temperature, however you need to be very careful to never over-water them. Be sure that the container which you have planted them in empties nicely. Whenever their roots are permitted to sit in standing water they are going to encounter root decay.

Surroundings You ought to keep your plant inside your home and out of direct sunshine, which may burn its blossoms and foliage. Provided that the temperature is cozy for you, your anthurium will probably be okay. They like temperature ranges in between seventy and ninety degrees, much like nearly all human beings do.

Pests and Diseases If you keep your plant indoors, the good news is that you are unlikely to run into any problems with pests, like scales, thrips and aphids. But if you do run into these pests you can deal with most of them by misting the leaves of your anthurium with water and wiping them with a soft cloth. If this is not enough, you can apply an insecticidal soap to keep these pests under control.

In outdoor facilities, an earth borne, microbial blight can easily kill complete patches of anthurium crops. Yet again, you’re in luck, because by keeping your plant inside your house it can easily evade this lethal risk. The primary disorder your plant may face is an awful fungus that may kill our anthurium plant. Nonetheless, so long as you never over-water your anthurium plant and you ensure it’s potted in a media which empties nicely this really should not be a concern. But, if you should come across this particular scourge, you may keep it in check by using any kind of a variety of fungicides.

Fertilizer Your plant does not require much in the way of nutrition. Over fertilizing is a much bigger risk than under fertilizing it. A light, quarter strength solution of 3:1:2 ratio fertilizer every 3 to 6 months is more than enough to keep your plant healthy and happy.

As you can see, keeping your anthurium alive is a simple process. Just remember to water it regularly and make sure that its roots are never exposed to standing water, and your anthurium will live a very long time.

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