Frameless And Sliding Shower Doors

Pivot doors are one form of frameless shower doors. Also called swinging or hinge doors, they are also available in semi-frameless models. Just like a traditional door, they swing open, revealing an easy-to-access shower environment, offering a clean and sophisticated look for the entire bathroom.

Another form of frameless shower doors is sliding shower doors, typically chosen for baths and large showers. They overlap with a smooth, quiet sliding action. Available in an array of styles, these doors offer a practical, space-saving solution for bathrooms.

Available as sliding shower doors or pivot shower doors are semi-frameless steam shower doors. Its provision of a tight seal assures its ability to hold in steam. It is the choice of homeowners looking for a spa-like environment in their bathrooms. All of these shower doors are designed to provide a perfect fit to a bathroom space other than beautify it.

The preference people have for frameless shower doors is primarily due to the elegance they bring to a bathroom. While they show off a beautifully tiled shower, they make the bathroom appear bigger at the same time. There are two vital benefits derivable from frameless shower doors. The first is their sleek and modern design and the second is their ease in cleaning and maintenance in the absence of channels for mildew and mold to grow in.

Other benefits of frameless shower doors are the absence of metal frames, durability and custom fitting. The absence of metal frames removes the risk of corrosion or rust, making them outlast framed shower doors. Their durability comes from its thicker glass material, which actually is a requirement for their ability to support its panels. Their custom fitting a bathroom removes the limitation to its size.

Sliding shower doors are popular, space saving options for a bathroom. They provide handles that usually span the length of the door, doing double duty as towel racks. They are among the most affordable styles as far as shower doors are concerned. A disadvantage to sliding shower doors are their being prone to mold, mildew and rust because of its metal rack where the rollers sit.

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