For Fireplace Safety Discover Top Rated Chimney Cleaning Solutions With Bothell WA Professional Cleaning Service

A fire in the fireplace on a cold wintry night is one of the most romantic settings there are. Watching the flames is mesmerizing and relaxing. However, creosote that produces soot is less than beautiful. When you contact Bothell WA Cleaning Service for corrective or preventative chimney cleaning, this will not be a problem.

The build up of creosote is the result of burning fuel in the fireplace. As the fire burns slowly it produces glazed creosote. The high temperature is reached when there is turbulence in the air outside. Soot build up is always a fire hazard.

This fact has been confirmed by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the professional authority on these topics. They train and certify service technicians in the industry. They also recommend a yearly safety check.

Before hiring a chimney sweep, you will want to check his credentials. They are required to have a liability insurance policy. An honest service technician will never resent a customer asking for references.

There is still a call for chimney sweeps although electric fireplaces are in common usage. Now they maintain not only fireplaces, but also natural gas burning appliances. They also build venting systems for wood and pellet burning appliances.

A fireplace that is not used often still needs inspection. Possible problems include nesting birds or small animals taking up residence. They are drawn to warm and dark places during the winter.

Chimney sweeps have branched out into providing other services. They may be available to reline, rebuild or put a cap on your chimney to prevent critters from moving into the home. It is possible for them to do humane animal removal if necessary.

They can repair or rebuild chimneys and fireplaces. New home builders may call on them to design and build new fireplaces. When you hire a professional to clean your chimney, you will be keeping yourself, your family and your home safe from the danger of a fire.

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