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The process of regulating and managing pests is often referred to as pest control. Pests need to be managed because they are detrimental to the economy, ecology, or the health of people. The professional whose specialty is in managing pests is called an exterminator. When in need of qualified experts in the area of pest control Visalia is the best location check out first.

The practice of controlling pests has a very long history. Often, it is believed to be as old as the agricultural industry itself. Since human beings started practicing agriculture, they needed means of ensuring that their crops and animals stay free of pests. The practice has undergone several evolutions with some of the best methods of managing pests being developed and deployed. Today, there are effective methods of managing just about any kind of pests on commercial and residential settings.

Pests are being kept away without being killed as a result of advancements made in fields like animal psychology and technology. There is massive adoption of deterrence and humane pest control in the UK, United States, and other parts of the world. Similarly, environmentally harmful methods like the use of chemicals are losing popularity. In the place of harmful methods, methods like crop rotation, companion planting, and the use of pest-resistant cultivars are being adopted.

Research findings indicate that human actions are the reason why most pests become a problem. As such, a slight modification of those actions may lead to a substantial reduction of the problem. An example is the raccoon problem in the United States. The raccoons usually came out to tear refuse sucks in search of food. Introduction of container bins kept the raccoons away because they could not tear them. In a similar fashion, flies only crowd in places where food and waste sources are.

There is a wide range of techniques and strategies of controlling pests. In ancient Egypt, pest-destroying animals were in use as long ago as 3000 BC. In this technique, predatory animals of the pests are employed. For instance, using cats to catch mice, rats and other grain-destroying animals is a good example of this method.

Biological management of pests relies on the management of natural parasites and predators of pests. Usually, the treatment does not result in any kind of negative consequence on the rest of the ecology and remains safe to other animals and human beings. A perfect example of the application of this method involves putting bacteria that kills mosquito larvae in stagnant water to infect and kill them.

Poisoned bait is one of the oldest methods of regulating and managing pests. It has been in wide use for controlling populations of rats. It has also been used since time immemorial to kill birds and stray wolves. The carcasses must be removed immediately after the animal is killed. Care must be taken to ensure that other animals do not feed on the meat.

There are several other methods used to regulate and manage pests. They include Repellents, pesticides, traps, space fumigation, space treatment, sterilization, destruction of infected plants or animals, and elimination of breeding grounds among others. Suitability of a method depends on the kind of pests and surrounding circumstances.

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