Fireplace Tiles Never Disappoint

Even though a fireplace is small in size, the benefits of it are rather large. For eons, people have been attracted to fireplace settings. To enhance a fireplace and make it a major focal point, many homeowners install fireplace tiles on the surrounding wall and the hearth.

It doesn\’t matter if it\’s on the floor or on the walls, tile is one of the top options. With an enormous variety of designs, shapes, sizes, color and materials, using it is the easiest way for any homeowner to quickly transform the look of their fireplace. Common choices for use on the surround and hearth are ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone.

Unlike other materials, tile actually has a few distinct features which make it splendid for use on a fireplace. It can withstand severe changes in temperature and extremely high temperatures to boot. And since it is totally fireproof, by using it around your fireplace, you are adding an extra barrier of safety separating the fire from your home. Tile is also incredibly durable making it able to handle the abuse that being used on a fireplace can dish out.

As a result of having so many sizes, textures, patterns, and designs freely available, homeowners are able to be as creative as they want to be with their fireplace project. It\’s a cinch to find whatever your heart desires and a snap to put them together in way that is pleasing to the eye. Always remember however, to take your current room colors and decor into account when doing so. This will help to guarantee they will match.

Taking the time to learn a little bit about the different tile types is something everyone interested in using it should do. Reading a few articles will quickly teach you the pro\’s and con\’s of each, which is important as they all have different properties. It is particularly relevant for anyone installing tiles for fireplace hearths as they need to be stronger than those used on the surround. A PEI rating of four to five is recommended.

Homeowners need to remember to only use a strong floor rated tile on a hearth floor. Additionally, either wall or floor rated tiles can be used on a fireplace surround. Many homeowners choose solid colors or patterns, while others may prefer a more decorative flair like that found in Victorian fireplace tiles. Regardless of the design of a fireplace, if the correct tile is chosen the fireplace will be destined to become a memory making station.

Before shopping for tiles for fireplace surrounds and hearths, it pays off to have a design drafted so the tile can be chosen correctly. To be prepared for shopping, know the exact measurements, and have a basic idea as to what type of tile will be used. The benefits of buying the correct sizes and count of tile will save time and money.

Learn more about fireplace hearth tiles. Be sure to read Mike Hartwick\’s aricle where you can find out all about fireplace tile and what it can do for you.

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