Finding the Right Plumber

Plumbing has been in existence for hundreds of years. Ancient archaeological sites have found elaborate methods used to transport water from one location to another. It has progressed all the way from wooden pipes to our modern PVCs. There may have even been people such as Anaheim CA plumbing companies involved.

Wood, stone, galvanized and copper pipe, have all evolved into the modern methods used today. While clay may have been used to join the original wooden ones, today many fittings are done by what is called solvent welding. A coat of ASTM-rated solvent material is matched to the type of pipe used to make a water proof fitting.

Because there are numerous types of plastic pipe, as well as different solvent cements, it takes an experienced plumber to know which kinds go together. When properly applied the piece joined together will be leak proof. Because the cement is so permanent, should a mistake be made that portion of the pipe must be cut off and disposed of.

When one looks at the extensive knowledge a licensed plumber must have, it is mind boggling. Things such as slip-jam-nut couplings, PE pipe, flexible fittings, PB tubing, transition unions and flaring plastic are just a few simple joining requirements that he or she must know how to use. To obtain a license an extensive examination must be taken regarding everything connected with the field, as well as training on the job.

There is what is called mechanical couplings, which are used for plastic and copper water supply tubing. These require specific handling if the union formed is not to leak. For flexible fittings, used on sewer and drain fittings, large banded clamps are needed.

The above information is just a very small amount of what an Anaheim CA plumbing company representative must know. Their qualified personnel can quickly diagnose what needs to be done and usually make immediate repairs. This assures the customer they will receive excellent and prompt service to their needs.

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