Finding Free Stuff For Single Parents

Single parents need to be economical. By getting free stuff for single parents, the money can get a little further.

A first place to check online would be Craigslist. Look in the free section for items in your area and also check the barter area to see if you could possibly trade something that you no longer use for an item that you need.

Some of the online source is Freecycle Yahoo! Group. A Yahoo! Group is an email list that will enable you to send and receive emails from other group members. Freecycle groups are based on location, so join the one in the area nearest to you.Etiquette of the group dictates if it is worthy to get free items. The first person that will respond to the email will get the item usually. Take another person with you for safety reasons, a person that will pick the freebie. Clothing, books, household, and some unusual items may be offered.

Coupons are offering items for zero cost. You can search for online coupons or a newspaper. You may tell your friends to keep their coupon inserts and give it to you. You can get some, by being a dumpster. Usually perfectly useful things are thrown away. Go to the streets the night before the garbage day. You will be surprised of the things that you will get.

Do you take prescription medications? At your next visit, ask your doctor for some samples. If ever you do not have the generic version. Check the website of the drug manufacturer for coupons. By just trying their medication, some drug companies offer a free one-month supply. Spread the word to your friends. You might find something that you badly need. Give to someone a thing that he will benefit, if you have something.

Is your family enjoying eating out? In local chain restaurants, kids maybe offered eat free nights. You can usually get one or two kids meals for free if you purchase an adult meal.

Online freebie sites are some source of free stuff. There you can find coupons, product samples, t-shirts, software and many other useful things. Several sites offer a newsletter that will update you the new on the sites.

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