Filipino Maids Abroad

There are Filipino maids in practically every country in the world. This comes as no surprise because they are considerably paid higher wages abroad than in the Philippines.

In certain countries abroad, such as in England, only the wealthy and the powerful can afford the services of a female Filipino servant, so having one at home only indicates that that family belongs to the upper class. The rich in Italy have also taken notice of the good qualities of a Filipino servant.

It is a known fact that Filipinos are known for its incomparable traits – hardworking, hospitable, and honest. These simple virtues are the very passport why Filipino helpers are very in demand abroad.No servant ever wakes up at four or five in the morning and sleeps at midnight but the Filipino. Much more, no is content in scrubbing the floor, or cleaning the toilet bowl but the Filipino.

Indeed, Filipino servants are able to do things maids from other countries can not afford to do. For example, only a maid from the Philippines can take on the job of cleaning the toilet bowls without complaining.

Another advantage that a Filipino servant can have over maids from other nationalities is their knack to speak and understand the English language. Filipinos are generally more learned and educated. They understand English better, and can speak the language with ease and confidence that can be rarely found in maids coming from other countries. Also, they are more easily able to adapt to the speaking dialect of the country they are in, wherever that may be.

Filipinos are by and large known for their grasp of the English language. They are able to understand English far better than their other counterparts. They can also speak English more fluently. Thus, it is understandable why foreign employers would choose them over maids from other nations.

In the same way, their employers regard them as belonging to their family as well. For many women, this is one way of compensating their yearning for their own children and family members left at home. Because of this habit, it is quite common to see maids from abroad bringing with them albums upon albums of their employers.

Filipino maids in foreign lands are a pride of the Philippines. They give honor and prestige to their mother country because of their dedication and loyalty in the performance of their job abroad.

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