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A house is made of walls and floors; a home is made of furniture and memories. Furniture is such a common and integral part of our home that we never think twice about its origin or history. The history of furniture is very intriguing; different civilizations came up with their versions of furniture. In prehistoric times, when men started farming, they build their homes as well as their basic furnishings (such as dressers) with stone. The Sara Brae village of Scotland is a monument to this way of living. The ancient Egyptian civilization was the closest to our present day furnishings. Their rich had furniture (tables, chairs, chests etc.) made of wood, however, the poor lived in mud houses with stone furniture. The Greeks emphasized on wooden chests; hung by pegs on the wall; and couches used as beds.

Historically, furniture (closest to the existing modern day furniture) originated from the Ancient Egyptian civilization in 3000 B.C from their it traveled to Rome and from Rome to Europe (through sea trade ships) and America. Furniture may have reached America through Ancient Egypt; however, it was America who began the trend and fashion of outdoor dining furniture sets.

The above was a brief history of furniture as a whole; the history of wicker furniture, and outdoor wicker furniture is quite different. Wicker furniture was first used by the Ancient Egyptian civilization in 3000 B.C; they used reed and swamp grasses to make them. The popularity of wicker furniture was passed on from Egypt to Rome and from Rome to Europe and America. The Americans did not take to wicker furniture immediately, but, after a while, outdoor wicker furniture became very popular.

The patio adjoined to the bistro is, itself, a small space; therefore, the bistro owners prefer bistro patio furniture that is petite, takes the minimum of space but, at the same time, can be arranged to accommodate a larger party of customers. Thus, bistro sets, usually come in sets of three (table, and 2 chairs). The best type of bistro patio sets are made of cast aluminum, wicker or wrought iron. Some examples of bistro patio sets are Cypress All-weather Wicker Bistro Set, the Lisbon Bistro Set etc.

Wicker is any material that has been woven into a rigid pattern to create furniture. The material could be anything ranging from wood, cane, plastic, grass or iron.

Wicker patio furniture is durable, weather resistant, sturdy, elegant and beautiful. That is why; buying wicker furniture set is most amenable; it is an all in one deal.

If, you are considering buying outdoor furniture, wicker outdoor furniture will be your best option. It is durable, strong, elegant, safe for children and easy to maintain.

Wicker furniture is the best for outdoor dining; it requires low maintenance, is safe to have around children, lightweight and most convenient to clean and move around whenever you have to host a party or dinner on your patio.

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