Edible Landscaping Ideas

Money does grow on trees. Not only on trees though but also on bushes and vines and groundcovers as well. Edible landscaping ideas make saving money looking and tasting so good. They include landscaping with fruit trees and shrubs. Miniatures and dwarfs can be alternatives to full sized fruit trees should room be not available.

Strawberries are edible landscaping ideas that cover themselves with white flowers in springtime and with leaves turning a rich russet during the fall season. Meanwhile, blueberry and currant bushes are pretty enough for use as decorative shrubs. The assurance of harvesting plenty of fruit can be achieved by planting a whole hedge of these bushes.

Edible landscaping ideas grow short vining-type vegetables up trellises along the back of flower borders. Fungal disease problems can be overcome by plants that can be trained to grow vertically. Such plants include melons, cucumbers and zucchini.

Planting vegetable not only with looks but also flavours in mind is a dictate of edible landscaping ideas. Pretty purple cabbage can be alternated with snowy white cauliflower in a row. Rather than in rows, planting in blocks may be experimented on for a more dramatic effect.

Among the most decorative yet edible landscaping ideas are the rosemary herbs. Available in cleverly shaped topiary, they are best grown in pots or planted directly in the ground.

Brightening salads is one aftermath from the execution of edible landscaping ideas. Edible flowers are all that are required to do the trick. Nasturtiums and violas can be grown in the garden and their petals can be tossed in with lettuce to make a pretty good looking and tasting salad.

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