Easy Tips For Designing With Small Pedestal Sinks

Small bathrooms often need that extra designing edge to make them workable. With space at a premium, and function a top priority, smaller is the way to go for most everything. You can gain some of the space you need, without sacrificing top functionality, by using these popular tips for designing with small pedestal sinks.

There is really not much difference between regular pedestal sinks and their smaller versions. The design quality is there in both, and you have just as many options for styles and materials. The biggest difference is that compact pedestal sinks are made to give more space to even the tiniest bathrooms.

Pedestals come in every style you can imagine. Victorian era, modern, luxury spa, and simple woods all are available. All the top manufacturers carry them in many colors and materials. You have plenty to see before you actually buy. So doing a bit of online research is very helpful. It will give you an idea of what suits you and your pocketbook before you actually buy. Every price point is represented, and the quality of the compact sinks is very high regardless.

The Parigi Pedestal Sink by Kohler is a fine example of a compact sink in a very sleek modern design and features a deep bowl just right for your grooming needs. It measures 19-3/4 inches wide x 14 inches deep x 32-7/8 inches high, and has a choice of faucet drillings.

As you proceed with your window shopping, take time to measure the locations of your pipes behind your sink. They are generally spaced in standard widths, beginning with 4 inches apart. If you are simply going to replace your current sink with a pedestal, then you need to know how your plumbing exits your wall, so that you can match the width with the new sink you intend to buy.

For new bathroom construction, you may be able to choose where the sink will be. In that case you might consider a corner placement. There are many lovely pedestals designed to fit corners, because that frees up usable space in other areas of the bathroom. Some of your placement decisions will also need to take into account the size and style of other fixtures that will be added in the room.

CHEVIOT Sheffield Corner Pedestal Sink will fit neatly into a corner while adding tasteful style in your bath. It has faucet drillings on 4″ centers and has compact measurements of 34-1/4 inches high x 18-1/4 inches long x 20-1/4 inches deep

Compact pedestals and matching sinks may be purchased in all kinds of materials. While most are porcelain, with white the standard color, you may opt for other colors of porcelain such as black, beige, or muted pastels. Additional materials include stone, marble, stainless steel, or even acrylic. The material you choose should reflect the bathroom style.

Look for sinks that have extra ledges for storing soaps and toiletries if your space is truly limited. Some small pedestal sinks are wider at the top than usual to provide extra room for these items. The wider sink top will still be more compact than the regular sized sinks, but will not be so minuscule to make washing inconvenient. A good way to test the basin size is to place both of your hands inside. Pretend that you are washing your hands and see if you can comfortably fit both hands in the basin while doing this.

Do check for the faucet drilling on the sinks you like. Some come with single holes and others come with more. The amount of holes will limit you to the kinds of faucets you can choose to put with the sink. And be certain to compare faucet heights and handle shapes so that they are compatible with the small pedestal sinks you like best.

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