Duramax Sheds – Woodside Vinyl Shed

Providing high quality vinyl storage shed solutions, as well as fences and building supplies, Duramax Building Products is a company highly devoted and dedicated to their craft and customers. Suited to withstand harsh conditions and punishing climates, duramax sheds are crafted from the best available materials to withstand the hottest summer or the coldest winter. Formulated with the intense environmental conditions of the American southwest in mind, Duramax sheds are sure to weather any storm and handle any climate uncompromisingly.

Selecting the ideal material for long term outdoor storage can be tricky. Wood is highly prone to mould, mildew, rot, termites and can even be a fire hazard. Metal might be a bit more stable, but is prone to rust and corrosion without proper treatment. An ideal long term storage solution is durable and maintenance free – providing long years of service without fuss or hassle. Fortunately, vinyl provides such a solution: the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed from duramax sheds is immune to just about every pitfall of metal and wood – weather proof, fire retardant, an unfriendly home to bugs or fungi: ready to serve for decades, backed by a 15 year warranty.

As a noticeable presence on any property, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed also takes some aesthetic considerations in mind, in addition to its high degree of functionality. With a carefully selected color scheme and simple yet elegant design, this duramax shed compliments any property or location well. The gabled brown resin roof is highlighted by matching brown trim and doors, while the ivory white outer walls provide a pleasing contrast. Designed for functionality as well as aesthetics, the sloping panels on the roof and walls of the shed prevent build-up of water, ice, dirt or other detritus while also giving a pleasant treat to the eye.

Wide double doors make the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed fantastically easy to access when organizing, adding or removing stuff. However, the high quality and extremely durable lock ensures a firm control on who comes and goes, providing you the necessary peace of mind even when storing valuable objects. Also equipped with one window, with the option of purchasing additional windows available. The quality construction of this resin storage shed ensures an uncompromising bulwark against thieves and vandals, while also providing easy access in and out for the proper owners.

Of course, the most important consideration when purchasing a shed is its dimensions. The Durmax Woodside is as excellent in this respect as every other: at 10′ by 8′, this is definitely a lot of storage space. In fact, the Woodside provides a whopping 542′ of cubic space, 79.25 square feet of floor space, with a total interior space of 92″ by 123″. These impressive storage statistics are further bolstered by the fantastic door clearance: 61″ wide and 71″ tall, enough to get even the bulkiest objects moved into the shed. Each wall is reinforced with metal columns to provide space to mount shelving in any configuration desired, letting you take advantage of every bit of storage space, vertical and horizontal.

Easily assembled in a few hours with familiar tools, a Duramax shed can be put together in a flash even by someone with limited to no building experience. The included manual provides exacting, detailed instructions on every step of the project, with helpful pictures and diagrams to ensure everything is put together properly and stably. The tools required for assembly can be found in virtually every home, with nothing much more complex than a cordless electric drill being required. While many resin storage sheds do not include a foundation kit, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed does not dodge this important detail.

To ensure optimal stability, the shed must be situated on a quality foundation capable of providing firm support. While many resin storage sheds compromise their structural integrity in this respect by not providing a quality foundation solution, all Duramax sheds provide an extremely sturdy, stable galvanized metal foundation kit, designed to be attached to a wooden or concrete platform to form the base of support for the entire structure, ensuring stability and support from top to bottom. While a wooden platform can be more than sufficient, the additional stability afforded by concrete is great for those looking for a truly long term storage solution.

An investment sure to provide for decades to come, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is a spacious, durable, excellent storage solution. For storing any kind of goods, materials or objects of any value or description, the Woodside from Duramax sheds is sure to compromise nothing in security or durability even over long years of use and abuse from extreme climates and weather conditions. The attractive exterior also makes it a great option which won’t make the eyes weary even after long familiarity. For anyone looking for more secure storage space, the Woodside is sure to provide.

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