DIY Installation of Spray Foam Insulation – Tips on What NOT to Do

Some people may think that the installation of spray foam insulation can only be done by professionals; however, the DIY kits available are so straightforward and easy to use that almost anyone can tackle installation as a project. Accomplished DIY people may find the process uncomplicated but if you are less experienced, there are aspects of the process that you may overlook. To help you ensure that your spray foam application is successful, here are a few tips on what not to do.

Don’t Get Just Any Spray Foam

There are many different types and brands of spray foam available. Some have organic or eco-friendly compounds and have a green rating. Within the various brands, there are also different types of spray foam. Each type is suitable for a specific application. If you purchase just any spray foam, you could find that it is not suitable for the application that you have in mind. Research the types and applications properly before you purchase a spray foam kit. You may think that a high-density spray foam is the best because you want the best possible insulation; however, high-density spray foam is really only suitable for roof repairs, underground applications and sound deadening. If you are looking to insulate attics then you can use a standard kit. Know what you want to use the spray foam for before purchasing a kit.

Don’t Forget to Measure the Area You Want to Insulate

Each spray foam kit will tell you approximately what size area it will cover. To make sure that you can complete the project in one go, you need to purchase enough spray foam at the outset. While you can add to an area, the insulation is far more effective if it all sets and dries at the same time. It can be very frustrating to run out of spray foam just before you complete the job. Better to have a little extra than not enough.

Don’t Start Before Preparing the Area

Before you apply the spray foam, you need to make sure the area is clean and dry. Wipe the surface area to get rid of dust and dirt, and wait for it to dry properly before you start the application. In this way. the spray foam will adhere to the surface area better and form a tighter insulating seal. If you are working in the attic and there is old furniture stored there, move the furniture out of the way. Get drop sheets so you can cover floors or furniture. This makes the cleaning process once you are done much easier since you can simply roll up the drop sheets. If you fail to do these things, you could end up with spray foam on furniture and walls. It can then be a chore to remove the spray foam from the places you don’t want it.

Don’t Wear Clothes that You Don’t Want to Get Dirty

With DIY kits, it is always a good idea to have overalls or old clothes to wear when working. Even with the most careful applications, there will inevitably be some spillage at some stage. Don’t wear clothes that you would not mind throwing away after finishing the job. It makes it much easier to concentrate on the job at hand when you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty.

Don’t Start Without Reading the Instructions

Even if you have worked with spray foam before, understand that each type or brand has specific mixing and application instructions. Do not assume you know what to do. Read the instructions carefully, and then follow each step as instructed. This will prevent you from forgetting important parts of the process and then having to start all over again. Because spray foam sets quickly, you have to do the application correctly the first time. Once applied, it can be difficult to remove if it is done wrong. Save your time and money by simply following the instructions.

Don’t Mix the Spray Foam Until You Are Ready to Apply It

Spray foam is designed to settle and dry quickly once applied. Once you have started the process, you need to finish the job. Do not mix the spray foam and then go to the store because you have forgotten to get something. What you may find upon your return is a mixture that has hardened and can no longer be applied. Have everything prepared so when you mix the compounds together, you can immediately start the application process.

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