Discover the most effective discus fish breeding tips here

If you have recently mastered maintaining a species’ tank, and are ready to progress with breeding discus fish at home, you are in for a treat today. We have hand-selected the most essential suggestions for breeding discus fish. So you can begin the preparation for the enormous transition:

Our first guidance to any person who would like to successfully breed discus fish is this: do not think anything. Research and verify everything, and don't depend on general knowledge re cichlids. Discus fish are cichlids, but their spawning and mating necessities are different from their cousins such as the commoner angelfish.

You should buy mature masculine and feminine pairs from personal breeders. Nonetheless there is sure to be a risk that a previously joined pair will start to behave differently once they are removed from their tank and taken to another tank.

The worst-case eventuality is that the discus fish will fight each other and act as if they were not a paired pair at all. If this occurs, the non-public breeder has no responsibility, since the natural mating behaviour of discus fish is beyond an aquarist?s capabilities to regulate.

A tank of adult males and females will readily buddy and spawn if tank conditions are right. Keep this under consideration if you're trying to study how to breed discus fish with fries of a particular coloration. Two phenotypic subspecies in the same tank will have no Problems manufacturing offspring.

There are two ways to provide an actively mating pair of adult discus fish. The first strategy is to buy a mix of adult males and females, and wait for them to chum.

This is the most expensive methodology, because adult discus fish can cost you up to $200 each. The less expensive system is to buy juvenile discus fish both males and females, and just keep them until they grow.

You will need at least 6 in a species’ tank to ensure an actively mating pair. Putting one male and one female in one tank does not necessarily mean that the two will form a mating pair.

The best number of mixed females and males in one species tank is ten. Of course, not every aquarist is happy to spend this much solely to breed discus fish, unless, of course, the aquarist is preparing to earn cash by selling the fries later on.

Culling is obligatory if you would like to produce the best children. Assuming that you have acquired a mix of immature females and males, you need to be observant, and you should eventually take away the discus fish that do not present the best qualities that you are on the lookout for.

This way, only the superior members of your tank will be able to reproduce. Discus fish that do not fall into the class of superior can be moved to a community tank or any other separate tank. Or, if you are feeling generous you may give them away to pals of family who is also taking care of discus fish.

Softening tank water will cause paired pairs to begin spawning. The process of reverse osmosis is the handiest technique of softening the water in the tank. Water temperature must also be adjusted. The best temperature for spawning is 33 degrees Celsius.

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