Decorating Tips For An Assisted Living Apartment

One of the most challenging aspects of moving into an assisted living community is downsizing your home and transforming your new apartment into a comfortable, inviting space that truly feels like home. If you are making this big move, here are a few suggestions that can help create a pleasing dcor in your new apartment.

Assisted living apartments in general are quite small and range from 300-square-foot studio apartment to two-bedroom apartments of about 1,000 square feet. This means most of your furnishings won’t fit in the new space, but you can definitely fit in a couch and probably your bed and nightstands. A small table and chairs also probably will fit and possible a desk and chair. Try to keep furniture to a minimum to increase space, but still have enough so that you have comfortable places to relax and space to have friends and family hang out for a while.

You might have toured the place already and have been shown the model apartment at first. That room might not fit your style even though it looks good and has some great dcor but if you want to make it yours, you might want to have some changes like repainting. You can get permission to repaint your room and when you do get the brightly colored ones and you can also add some art and some family photos.

Furniture that lets you save a lot of space is another good idea. As an example, use ottomans and coffee tables because it will store a good number of household items. A bed with storage drawers or the space under it is big enough to place some plastic tubs that can store clothing, shoes and other things is another good tip. Installing some aids that are helpful and can be organized are good on drawers and cupboards because it can maximize the efficiency of your storage.

If you have mobility issues, and many people in assisted living facilities certainly do, then it wise to live by the rule that “less is more.” If you have too many pieces of furniture, navigating a room can be tricky. Too much clutter can make it difficult to find something when you need it and this is true for everyone regardless of age or our housing situation. The simpler we make our lives, the easier it will be.

If you want some other alternative for mobility or vision issues then get clocks with larger numbers in it, have phones with larger numbers and also computer keyboards with larger letters and numbers. To make it easier for you to get up and sit down, get chairs that can lift and angle you up and for something that can help you get up and get going in the mornings, get beds which could lift and tilt. There are many helpful things that can assist you in making your mobility much simpler and easier.

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