Buying Big Dolls For Girls

The eleven-inch fashion figures are what most parents and grandparents will buy for their daughters on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Choosing and buying big dolls for girls is something that may not occur to them, but makes a fabulous gift. The recipient will enjoy long hours of play and creativity if this choice is made. The variety that is available will take time to peruse, but you will find the perfect selection for that special child.

What you finally select will depend on the recipient’s age. Toddlers and young ones would prefer the infant figures. They are cuddly and easy to carry around. You can also purchase so many accessories to go along with the purchase. These can include bottles, strollers, diaper bags, car seats, infant carriers, eating utensils and dishes, and diaper bags. After you buy one of the baby varieties, you will have a choice of plenty of future gifts that will go perfectly with this almost real baby.

Older children would really enjoy the 18-inch styles. These figures are so lifelike and fun to dress up. Often they come complete with an entire wardrobe consisting of shoes, bags, stockings, and other items such as umbrellas or boots. Tables, chairs, beds, carrying cases, and even ponies are made to scale to fit these figures. Many more accessories can be purchased to provide the child with hours of play and creative opportunities.

Taller figures, such as the three or four foot ones, can be difficult to find. The best thing about this gift is that the figures can even wear preschooler’s clothing and shoes which are very quickly and easily found. Some children even treat them as family members due to their size. They can actually sit down at the table or in high chairs.

There are even online sites that can fashion a figure that looks exactly like your child or grandchild. The sites ask customers to select from a variety of facial features, hair styles and colors, eye colors, and facial symmetries. Some will even ask for a photograph of your child. They will then create an amazing replica of the recipient.

Take a look at all the other toys and possessions of the recipient to get a clear idea of exactly what she would like. A basic figure may be adequate for a youngster who is very imaginative while one that walks or talks may be better for those who love high tech toys.

Make notes on the child’s preferences and the size of the figure purchased. You can assist in adding accessories to this selection on her birthday and for Christmas. You can add much to the collection by buying tea sets, wardrobes, tables and chairs, or even a very large doll house.

It will be so entertaining to choose this type of gift for a child. During the shopping, you will be trying to match the child’s personality to the item purchased. When you are able to see her face as she opens this present, you will know you have made the perfect choice that she will love and cherish for many years.

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