Could Every House on Earth Have a DIY Power System?

Just imagine if everyone in the world got their home energy from a DIY power system based on windmills and solar power. It would follow that all the environmental pressure on global resources would diminish significantly.

Carbon emissions would reduce and the demand for coal, timber and other non-renewable resources would come to an end. If electric cars were to become used by the mainstream, then even the demand for oil would drop considerably.

This will not happen on its own. Every single household would have to be making the most of the free energy that surrounds us, from wind power to the thermal and solar power of the sun. Even sewage can be used to produce bio diesel. However, it is the technical aspect of this transformation that is the obstacle.

Solar panels are difficult to build, and the photovoltaic cells they contain are still expensive, although they are dropping in price all the time. It is simply not feasible to think that anyone can build DIY solar panels.

Wind power systems are presently rather large, although smaller types are being developed. Therefore they need many components. Even ready made windmills are difficult to install. It is pie in the sky to think that anyone can simply make one at home.

There are other aspects to building a DIY power system. All the existing fixtures and fittings have to be replaced. It takes an energetic, knowledgeable and experienced handyman to build a small plant that can produce bio diesel for instance.

There are many other components that are required for solar and wind power, such as batteries and inverters. These are the parts of the system that convert the raw natural energy in a form that the consumer can use. It is fairly complicated.

Often people wonder just when all households in the world will be generating their own free electricity. Most people want this to happen sooner rather than later. Indeed there are hundreds of thousands of people who have moved partially off completely off the national power grid. In cities many vehicles owners power their electric cars using power generated from renewable resources.

Even if people can afford the components necessary for setting up a DIY power system, they are afraid they do not know enough to build an integrated green home. Obviously, then, if people are getting the information they need in a form that is simple and straightforward, they are more likely to install systems that will assure them of free power.

Knowledge and know how is the key to the green energy revolution. Fortunately there is a wonderful place to find the information you need, namely the internet. More and more people are downloading the information they need and transforming their lives so they have free power for life.

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