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‘Green news’ includes all of the latest information pertaining to our planet, including everything from current environmental happenings through to articles written to educate. With the environmental movement reaching mainstream status, more people are adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle and as such, it’s easy to see why more in-depth environmental news has become a sought after commodity. Pair this surge in interest in environmental news with easy access to information on the Internet, and we have the opportunity to have the most environmentally educated population that we have ever had. Mother Nature would be thrilled!

## Green News: You Need the Whole Picture

Any person who claims to have a handle on the world and how it works would be remiss to not keep a keen eye on environmental news and its headlines. As far as human interaction with the environment goes, all of the major decision makers whether they be from the world of politics, energy, science, medicine or even transportation make their impact felt in some way on the sensitive ecosystem that is the Earth. This is why you need to keep your eyes on the headlines that come out of environmental news sources: to make sure that you make informed decisions in all areas of your life.

## Environmental News Should Present The Following:

When looking for a comprehensive green news provider, we should look for a news outlet that has their focus set on the environment, brings together news and ideas from a variety of sources and offer it up in ways that will keep you coming back. The best green news providers will present their environmental news using video and photographs; articles that offer education; articles that offer in-depth exposes and editorials; it will have access to the latest in breaking news from around the globe; and it will even feature information about festivals, gatherings, speaking engagements and meet-ups that will assist like-minded people in getting together.

## Comprehensive Environmental News

Getting up-to-date environmental news on a regular basis from a source that you can trust and return to day-after-day is the best way to be sure that you won’t miss a thing. There are a number of websites out there that fit the bill and with a quick Internet search, you can find and bookmark a site that suites your needs. Do keep in mind the following criteria, as mentioned above: There should be up-to-date breaking news; there should be a section that touches on living a green lifestyle; there should be some talk of alternative energy, a real ‘buzz’ topic in the environmental sector these days; a section dealing with business and the environment is a must; and there should also be some attention paid to politics, science, and even transportation which is another hot environmental topic.

## Where to Source Your Green News

Learning about the environment and keeping au courant of the latest in green news necessarily includes access to up-to-date facts, figures and opinions from all sides of the issues and influences. Have a look online, find the environmental news source that seems to speak to you and what you want to know and stay informed!

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