Commercial Refrigerator Gaskets Maintenance Tips

Refrigerator gaskets are elastic strips that can be found in refrigerators serving as an effective seal to keep the cool air steady inside. It is a very crucial part of the machine that holds the function of regulating the temperature which helps keep all the stored food inside fresh and preserved. Because of the integral purpose it holds, making commercial refrigerator gaskets are free from defects is an absolute priority.

When gaskets start to exhibit cracks and brittleness, this is a strong indication that the part is now slowly deteriorating. Despite the strong and elastic material this particular part is made out of, it is still prone to problems. And although by design it may look simple and replaceable, proper care still needs to be observed. To help extend its life and function, below are few tips to help you out.

Vaseline helps soften your rubber door. If your rubber seal is no longer closing properly due to accumulated build up of molds and residues, you can actually address this problem effectively by applying petroleum jelly to it. It turns out petroleum jelly helps bring back the elastic property of a gasket by softening it. This also helps you save time too from doing the usual taking out of all the items stored inside just to have your rubber seal cleaned.

Never use bleach or any cleaning formula that comes with bleaching property. Be it diluted or using it in undiluted form, completely stay away from using bleach to clean your gasket as this significantly reduces the vinyl property of the seal making it prone to breaks and cracks. If you are currently experiencing dews and molds problem, you can wipe them off using hydrogen peroxide instead.

Use a sponge combined with soapy water in cleaning it. Using soapy water is an effective formula to remove crumbs and spills without affecting its quality. Regularly washing it at least every four to six months is also highly recommended to keep it clean and free from molds. After having it cleaned, use a dry towel to remove the water.

Inspect the gasket once a month for issues. No matter how much caution you employ when you use it, problems will persist sooner or later due to various factors. Although the most recommended period to have it cleaned is at least every four months minimum, regularly inspecting its condition once a month can help you catch early signs of problem that may appear.

If the need to replace refrigerator gaskets cannot be completely avoided, make sure to buy only the highest grade replacement. A good place to consider where you can find high quality gasket is stores located in New York. Alternatively, you may also ask your local technician for help where to buy one. This is to ensure you do not end up having to purchase one again within the year.

If you are unsure how the whole seal replacement procedure is done, ask for professional help. While replacing it is consumer accessible, you may end up causing more harm to the machine than good if you are completely clueless. Instead, contact your local technician to fix it for you then feel free to observe so you will know next time how it is done.

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