Christmas Safety Reminders: to Prevent Fire and avoid Electrical Danger from Christmas lights and Christmas Decorations

Its Christmas time, it is the most fantastic time of the year when about million families across the USA are preparing their Christmas lights, Christmas ornaments and mechanical Santa Clause. Most of us like to do in December is decorating our home with Christmas decoration. House decorating is all about enjoyment and fun in special season like Christmas. Keep in mind that most of our favorite decorations have a risk of electrical injury or worst it can burn your house. Here are some safety decorating tips to avoid Fire and Injury in your Home.

When buying a Christmas lights, and decorations, make sure that the product that has Underwriters Laboratory (UL) sticker. Before changing the bulb or fuse always turn off the lights.

Before hanging up the Christmas decorations, inspects all lights, extension cords and electric decorations for early signs of wire damage. Replace the broken bulbs, dont use it until you repair it. Immediately replace the decoration if the cords and plugs are damaged.

Double check the lights, electric decorations and extension cords before putting them up. Immediately replace the broken bulbs and damaged wire before using them. Make sure that the wattage rating of the bulb is match to the light strand. A bulb with too high wattage can result to overheat. The general safety rule in using Christmas light is you can only connect 3 plug end to end.

The proper way of setting up and caring for your tree has an effect on how long the tree will last, and how good looking it will stay and lastly how secure it will be in your house.

Prior to putting up your natural Christmas tree into its stand, keep in mind this reminder. First cut a couple of inches off the base of the trunk to expose freshness of the wood. It will take a few minutes to do this but it will improve the trees water intake; this will help to resist fire.

Nobel Fir is in demand kind of Christmas tree because of its thick needles that is longer to dry out. Always consider when buying a Artificial Christmas tree, be confident that it has a high resistant in flame.

Cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the trunk so that the trunk will expose its freshness in the wood, so that in a few minutes the water intake will be better, which will help it be more fire resistant. Most of the organic trees are easy to burn because of electrical malfunctions so that you must check the wires and the Christmas lights before decorating your tree.

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