Chocolate Pizza & Other Easy Game Day Event Options

Hosting a sports-themed event is always a great idea. Whatever game is displayed on the TV, from the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup Finals or even watching a favorite college team, is cause for celebration. So call up some friends, invite them over and incorporate a few of the following ideas into your next sports-themed get-together.

The big game, of course, will be the centerpiece of the event, but you have to have some fantastic food. When it comes to sweet treats, it\’s best to select something that every sports lover adores – pizza and wings. In this case, however, we\’re talking about Chocolate Pizza and Peanut Butter Wings from Chocolate Pizza Company. These easy-to-order unique chocolate items are the perfect dessert for your sports party.

You can select a plain Chocolate Pizza with a drizzle of white chocolate or opt for pizzas with toppings. All of the crusts are made from English toffee and chocolate and you can have an assortment of nuts added or different varieties of candy. For a real sugar rush, consider the specialty Candy Avalanche Extreme. This pizza is topped with five different types of popular candies, including M&Ms and Snickers. The Peanut Butter Wings are the ideal partner for any style of Chocolate Pizza. These yummy gourmet chocolate treats are made from ridged potato chips that are smothered in creamy peanut butter and then coated with milk chocolate.

Although many people might be content to simply enjoy slice after slice of Chocolate Pizza, it\’s probably best to serve some other delicious savory foods as well. If you want to truly complement your chocolate pizza and Peanut Butter Wings dessert, consider serving some gourmet pizzas and a few different kinds of chicken wings. Another option would be to go with a healthy buffet with fresh veggies, fruit and light sandwiches. Savory hot dips and finger foods are yet another option, and these are easy to eat while you watch the game. It\’s probably best to serve foods that are easy to carry around, as people will be munching and sitting on chairs or the couch rather than seated at a table.

For the drinks, keep it simple with a selection of beers as well as bottled water, soda and perhaps some wine. If you wish to do cocktails, consider something easy like pitchers of margaritas or maybe a spiked punch. If there are kids around, be sure to have some fun options for them to enjoy.

With some parties, you have to figure out some fun activities, but with a game party, you just turn on the TV. Still, if you do have guests that aren\’t interested in sports, it can be nice to have something else to do. This is especially true if you have children coming to the party. Set out board games or video games in another room for older children, and little kids might enjoy playing with clay or dough or perhaps working on a craft or coloring book. A kid-friendly movie shown in another room can be another good source of entertainment as well.

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