Big Ideas For Small Bathrooms

You’ve always dreamed of a spacious bathroom, naturally lighted up, with an enormous bathtub which you can indulge yourself in all day long, just like you saw in the interior design magazines. Most of the bathrooms built in the block of flats though are not efficiently laid out. Nevertheless, do not lose your hope! I know that your bathroom is not the way you wanted it to be, but stop for a moment and hear us out! We will give you some tips about how you can enhance the look of your bathroom, at least, apparently.

Here are a couple of tips that you can use in order to have a clean and nice bathroom. Since we are talking about narrow places, you might consider painting it new. Avoid dark colors! Pale colors, on the other hand, give you the impression of a larger room, that is, also fresh, clean and relaxing.
The color of your bathroom walls is not your only worry. You need to think of the color of the floor which should also be in warm light colors. If you cannot change the tiles, then you can cover them up with a big waterproof carpet.

Even if, no matter how you decorate your bathroom, you will still have a small bathroom, do not despair! You will have to use some tricks to visually create the illusion of a larger space. For this, you need another color, some light and lots of order.
Simplicity and order are the keywords for your bathroom decorations.

All the sanitary objects should be a little bit smaller than the usual ones available on the market. They are ideal for small bathrooms. The light is essential! Use both natural and artificial light. Hang a big mirror on the wall! If possible you can also hang two mirrors, one in front of the other, to create the impression of an endless space.

Moreover, you can also put a painting in your bathroom. But not any kind of painting is recommended for narrow places. Choose one depicting the horizon, an open window with a big nice garden, a country road or a skyline over a field full of corn.

Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles are ideal outdoors for use around the pool and patio areas, because they can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating.

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