Best Gazebo Spots

Gazebos are well-known for their beauty and function. However, where you decide to place one can make all the difference. Here are the best choices!

The garden is without a doubt the most popular of all spots to install a gazebo. That’s because they really just work so well there. By having a place which is both shady and open, you can sit back and enjoy all the beauty and fragrances of your flowers. Many people will actually extend their garden to their gazebo by planting climbing flowers that eventually will cover the roof and provide an even more natural space.

Placing your structure near a pond can also be an unbelievable option. And if you own ornamental goldfish or koi you’ll have a dry and shady spot to kick your feet up while watching them swim. A gazebo can be a very convenient place for you to feed them as well. If you are into meditation, the sound of running water and the creatures a pond attracts really can help to wash away the stresses of of the day.

Adjacent to the pool your gazebo can be the perfect shaded retreat. From reading a book to napping or grabbing some food it is a winning spot. Mothers and fathers will finally be able to take a load off themselves while responsibly watching the kids. And yes, that means without having to risk a sunburn or skin cancer from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

When used above a hot tub you can make your very own hidden spot for loosening up. Some consumers choose to use a patio gazebo kit installed over their spa and add trees or privacy screens while others use hot tub gazebos. These are manufactured to give extra privacy from the neighbors and whoever else might be watching. Either way you will be able to use your hot tub year round and even in the rain.

Last but definitely not least, on top of an outdoor kitchen works for these structures too. By adding one everyone from guests to whoever is actually doing all the cooking can benefit from its shade. You won’t be prevented from using your kitchen because of foul or hot weather ensuring you can eat and catch up with family and friends whenever it is good for you.

Be sure to consider these spots for gazebo success. If you do you won’t be disappointed. From the garden to the outdoor kitchen they work like charm!

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